A skeleton dressed as a doctor

Is the right bone connected to the left bone?

Has anyone ever told you, “it’s all connected!”? Well we’re hear to tell you that it is! Kinda, sorta. The body is mysterious in many ways, but we have a decent understanding of how our musculoskeletal system works.

We’re not saying that your left ear is physically connected to your right pinky toe, but rather that muscles and nerves are connected in ways such as patterns of movement, even if they are not physically connected or in close proximity to each other. You see, our muscles, ligaments, bones, and organs are all encased in a membrane called fascia. It’s kind of like a spider web that if you pull on one side, it will effect the whole web.

This concept stresses the importance of telling your physiotherapist about every ache and pain, even if you think it is unrelated to the condition you are looking to treat. No question or concern is not worth stating!

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