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Orthopedic Conditions & Injuries

Are you experiencing general aches and pains, sore joints or low back pain? Are you recovering from a recent surgery? Old injury that just never healed properly? Contact our clinic today to have your musculoskeletal injury assessed.

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Neurological Disorders

Do you have difficulties with the control of your movements? Do you have muscle weakness, poor coordination or paralysis? Have you been diagnosed with a neurological disease? Come and see us to improve your movement and functionality.

Geriatrics icon

Are you struggling or concerned about your ability to perform activities of daily living? Physiotherapy addresses general aches and pains, limitations in joint range of motion, strength, balance and mobility, and cardiovascular health that are often associated with the aging process. Age well with Lyrette Physiotherapy!

Pediatrics icon

Is your child experiencing difficulties with their physical development? Lyrette Physiotherapy has pediatric trained physiotherapists to assess and treat neurological, developmental, and orthopedic conditions in children to improve their functional abilities and optimize their independence.

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Workplace Injuries

Have you been hurt at work? We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation program and the education to prevent further injuries.

motor vehicle accident icon
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Let us help you get back to life! Contact our clinic for further details.

Sports lifestyle injury icon
Sports & Lifestyle Injuries

Has a sports injury thrown you a curve ball, impacting your performance? Our goal is to assist you in returning to the sport safely and pain-free.

Long term disability icon
Long Term Disabilities

Are you hindered by an injury or condition, preventing you from returning to work or performing activities of daily living? Lyrette Physiotherapy can create a rehabilitation program designed for your needs to reach your goals.

Assistive Devices Assessments & Prescriptions

Do you struggle with balance and mobility or need a little extra support? We offer assessments for mobility devices under the Assistive Devices Program funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Talk to your physiotherapist to see if you are eligible.

Home care services icon
Home Care Services

Are you having difficulty attending your health care visits, but deeply require assistance? Lyrette Physiotherapy is contracted to provide homecare physiotherapy services through the North East Local Health Integration Network (NELHIN).

Please contact either your health care practitioner or the NELHIN for more details about receiving this service.

Telerehabilitation icon
Telerehabilitation Services

Nervous about attending visits in person or are immuno-compromised? With our ever-changing world, we are now offering safe and secure virtual visits, if appropriate, to our clients from the comfort of their home.

Ask us about this new service for further details.