Bad posture is causing back pain

Posture got you down?

Ever sit at your computer desk and start off with the right intention to sit tall, shoulders back, and maintain that great posture, only to find yourself hunched over that keyboard with your eyes six inches from the screen 20 minutes later? Most people with office jobs that don’t have the luxury of a sit-to-stand desk (although, one of the best inventions ever) find themselves experiencing mid back and neck pain either at the end of the day or over time all day long.

Some companies have gone to the lengths of developing a strap mechanism to keep your shoulders back or an audible device that reminds you to sit tall. However, we are here to let you in on a little secret… Are you listening? STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN! Man, that feels good to get off my… back?

There are so many things you can do that don’t cost you a cent to help stretch out those tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones, keeping you upright and pain free. Here are a few things you can try at home or at your desk during those breaks you should be taking.

Scapular Retractions
Shoulder Y's
Chest Stretch
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